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Bringing Colour to our Business

Paints are more than just colours on the wall – they are vital as protective wall coatings.

Gem Paints has been developing coatings that are an amalgamation of superior raw materials, optimised formulation, and stringent manufacturing process. The choice of premium pigments, custom made binders and advanced functional additives enhance the durability and performance of the coating.

In acquiring Gem Paints, Astral sets foot in another category of building materials, the paints. This strengthens the brand equity and enables to cater to the business with high consumer involvement. Gem Paints manufactures high performance industrial and decorative coatings and has been offering a wide portfolio of 28+ brands and 100+ SKUs spanning across various price points. Gem Paints has been performing well in southern India through more than 3000 dealers and 10 depots. Going forward Astral Paints will have competitive edge from its resin manufacturing capabilities and in-house research and development facilities. Astral Paints will manufacture a wide range of paints from state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Nelamangala (Karnataka) with an Annual Capacity of 36,000 K.L. Astral Paints adheres to its highest quality standards with compliance to all required regulations around lead content and VOC.

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Manufacturing Research

At Gem Paints, we strive to ensure high quality assurance to our customers. Our products are formulated according to the client’s exact specifications. Prior to manufacturing, each formulation is lab tested to ensure optimal quality control department ensures that every product receives appropriate verification testing to ensure high-performance.

Raw Materials
Pre-Mixing Process
Dispersion Stage
Stabilization Stage

Sourcing + Testing

The choice & cost of raw materials is of paramount importance. It directly impacts product property, process efficiency, coating durability & cost to the client. We have partnered with worldwide suppliers to source high-quality raw materials at competitive rates with extensive material testing to achieve the desired formulation.

Pre-Mixing Process

We ensure accurate weighing & correct mode of addition of raw materials which helps in improved dispersion, better product consistency, and production efficiency.


We adopt modern milling technology that ensures excellent dispersion, colour development & higher coverage of the final coating.


We ensure accurate stabilization and let-down of the mill base to achieve the final paint formulation. Stabilization is done prior to blending so that the dispersed particles do not re-agglomerate.


Stabilized mill-base is let-down into a slow speed mixer to attain a final formulation. Our coatings are held for 24 hours prior to packing to adjust the final formulation parameters.

Filtering + Packaging

Filtered media is chosen based on specific paint type to ensure no foreign particle is present in the final product. This helps maintain an even film appearance.

Coating Range

Interior Wall Coatings

Astral’s interior coatings ensure that the walls not only look good but that they are also well protected and easy to maintain. A wide range of eco-friendly water based coatings are available. The finishes vary from matte to satin. They are easy to use, dry quickly and have good coverage. Custom colour requirements can also be fulfilled.

Exterior Wall Coatings

Astral’s exterior coatings protect buildings in all weather conditions. A wide range of eco-friendly, water-based coatings is available. The finishes vary from matte to satin. Benefits include ease of use, quick drying, good coverage, excellent UV durability & weather resistance. Custom colour requirements can also be fulfilled.

Enamel Coatings

Astral’s coating system for metal & wood that are used to improve aesthetics also provides protection from corrosion and weathering. Premium Enamels are available in solvent-based and water-based systems.

Wood Coatings

Astral provides interior and exterior protective wood coatings that reduce weathering, provide UV protection, impart scratch resistance & improve aesthetics.

Alkyd Coatings

Astral’s alkyd resin-based coatings are extremely easy to use, cost-effective, economical, and provide good protection and aesthetics. They dry at room temperature by oxidation. They can be used on a variety of surfaces such as wood, metal, concrete and are also available in a range of finishes from satin to gloss.

Modified Alkyd Coatings

Astral’s modified alkyd resins are formulated to cure with a range of co-reactants. These modifications help to improve the weatherability and film properties of the coatings and allow the use of these coatings in various applications. They are fast drying, have improved resistance properties, and are also available in a range of finishes from satin to gloss.

Other Alkyd Coatings

Astral has a range of ancillary products formulated with similar chemistry.

They are:

  • Thinners
  • Knifing Paste Fillers
  • Etch Primers
  • Aluminium Paint
  • Varnish

Epoxy Coatings

Astral’s Epoxy resins, curing agents and other modifiers have been developed to address various requirements. These coatings are characterised by its adhesive properties, hardness, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and resistance to a range of chemicals, acids, alkalis, and solvents. Astral Epoxy coatings are the industry standard for protective coatings.

Polyurethane Coatings

Polyurethane Coatings are a versatile range of coatings. They offer excellent adhesion, UV resistance, low temperature curing, gloss retention, levelling, and appearance. Astral’s coatings can be formulated for requirements of high flexibility to high hardness and scratch resistance. Astral can provide custom formulated resins to further expand the possibilities of product development and customisation.

Silicone Coatings

Astral’s Gemtherm coatings are high temperature resistance coatings based on silicone, modified silicone, epoxy phenolic, and inorganic binder systems. Our coatings are available in ambient, cure, and high bake systems.

Chloro Rubber Coatings

Astral’s Gemchlor coatings are thermoplastic coatings which are fast drying, have good weather-ability, resistance to acid and alkali fumes, water resistance, good recoatability on aging, and resistance to bacteria and mould.