Covid 19 Response

For Us, Safety is always First!

With the recent developments and the identification of newer strains of the virus, we at Astral, continuously look to see where we can support our employees and the communities we serve.

Our shop floors and manufacturing lines strictly adhere to all protocols set by the government to ensure safety first.

Our Responsibility

Taking a Step in the Right Direction

Our Employees Are Our Family

We organized a Vaccination Drive in association with Shalby Hospital, Ahmedabad, for all of our employees. We also organized vaccination camps at our manufacturing units.

Supporting, In Every Way We Can

We financially aided the plumber community during the pandemic by providing Rs.50 Lacs+ PayTM vouchers for their daily needs

More Equipment For Treatment

We facilitated Samved, Shalby, Sola Civil and Global Hospital with BIPAP, Ventilators and Patient Monitoring Systems so that more patients can be treated and more lives can be saved.

Training & Tips
Health & Safety
Leadership & Commitment

Training & Tips

We provide our employees with SOP, WI, Tool Box Talk, PPE for their health and safety

Health & Safety

Since we have resumed working, we constantly monitor our employees’ health with health screenings and thermal check-ups. We also practice social distancing along with risk identification, sanitisation and self-protection

Leadership & Commitment

We proactively approach and communicate value-based strategies to our employees. We train our employees with emergency planning, Leadership walk & talk, social responsibility and team accountability to become valuable and responsible members of our society.

For Us, Safety is always First!

The New Normal At Astral Head Office

As we opened the doors to head office, we have taken all the required precautions and safety measures to create a safe working environment. We have implemented strict social distancing rules in working spaces and cafeterias along with thorough screenings and regular sanitisation routines.

Post Lockdown Protocol At Astral Manufacturing Units

Safety has always been our priority. And in this scenario, more so than ever. We are following a series of social distancing and sanitisation protocols at our manufacturing units to keep our family, the staff members safe.

For Channel Partners

Astral's Safety Measures For Their Channel Partners

As the world is gearing up to take on the post lockdown world, we at Astral are one step ahead. We are taking steps to help our channel partners and distributors by distributing safety kits, disinfecting hardware stores and raising general awareness towards safety and hygiene to keep our extended family safe.

Knowing all the hope the vaccine has brought us, keep your safety measures in check. Be patient and let everything take its natural course to heal itself. Remember, Precaution is always better than the cure.

Avoid Close Contact
Clean Your Hands Often
Stay At Home
Cover Cough And Sneezes
Clean And Disinfect
Wear A Face Mask If You Are Sick