Creating a better tomorrow... today

With our state-of-the-art technology and innovative thinking, our focus is to multiply our environmental commitments manifold, each concentrating and bringing change for a sustainable future. After all, the environment is essential to us and we have accordingly established, implemented, and maintained a comprehensive Health, Safety, and Environment Policy (HSE Policy) which adequately covers the nature, scale, and environmental impacts of our activities, products, and services.

Business ethics and sustainability have always been important to Astral. Our aim has always been to protect the environment in which we operate.

We adhere to our values and make it a point to develop cutting-edge, environmentally friendly goods while also putting a strong emphasis on sustainable resource management. Consequently, we are in support of the Sustainable Development Goal which is Responsible Production and Consumption.

In our endeavour to set an example for the industry, we have placed a strong emphasis on bringing newer technology and ongoing innovation to improve environmental performance with a focus on resource management.

We are dedicated to operating in an environmentally sustainable manner. We work to implement a sustainable business strategy at each stage of the product’s lifetime, from the right sourcing of raw materials through production, damage-free shipping, and consumer disposal.

Backward communities face several challenges. While the challenges remain, we believe that people can be empowered with the right approach to tap the prevailing opportunities. Being disabled or underprivileged should not be a hurdle in an individual’s growth and development. But sadly, differently-abled people find it difficult to get quality education and employment due to which their quality of life is impacted negatively. Astral is committed to bring this social change and has been contributing in this direction positively.

Our people have always been our greatest strength and support in driving the business toward achieving our present and future goals. We value their contribution and believe in providing our workforce with an appreciation for their dedication to the company.

In recent times, businesses are being faced with the challenge of attrition, and overcoming this to ensure smooth business continuity remains a necessity. Our human resource management practices are continually evolving to attract, retain and develop a diverse pool of talent and skills. We promote a culture of teamwork across the organization to tap into the unseen potential and bring out the best in our people.

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