08th December 2022
Author - Astral Group

What Is the Difference Between Multirex And Telerex?

The protection of cables has become an important factor over the years. With massive construction projects on the rise, the use of cables for various applications within a location has increased significantly. Additionally, to enhance the aesthetic appeal, most cables are concealed within the walls. This can make it difficult to access in terms of repair and maintenance.

Using a cable protection pipe and channel can help protect the cable from damage and increase its longevity. Astral Pipes is one of the leading cable protection pipe and channel manufacturers. The solutions offered include MultiRex (polyolefin cable channels) and TeleRex (corrugated piping systems).

Astral MultiRex

The Astral MultiRex polyolefin cable channel is best suited for all types of signal, communication, and power cables and can be used in restricted and unrestricted areas. This cable protection channel is ideal to protect cables that are subject to charges and extensions against external influences.

Traditionally, concrete trays were used as conduits to protect cables. These were much heavier leading to increased transportation and installation costs. Further, aspects such as inconsistent quality, high chance of breakage, regular maintenance expenses, and the absence of perfect jointing methods led to a demand for a better solution.

The MultiRex plastic cable ducts offer substantial benefits over the traditional concrete trays. These channels are manufactured from polyolefin which gives them excellent strength. These cable protection channels are extremely light-weight and equipped with detachable covers for facilitating regular inspection and monitoring of cables. They are maintenance-free, highly economical, and 100% recyclable while also offering better dissipation of heat generated during current conduction.

Field of application for MultiRex channels include:

  • Railways & Metro Rails
  • Airports
  • Industrial Unit
  • Power Distribution
  • Communication
  • Solar Projects
  • Smart Cities

Astral TeleRex

TeleRex cable protection pipes are specially designed for underground cable ducting. Made from HDPE, this cable protection system is ideal for the power, signal, telecom cable, and optical fibre cable ducting requirements in India.

The TeleRex is manufactured using a state-of-the-art extrusion process with the help of German advanced machinery. Key properties of the TeleRex channels include excellent diametrical stiffness, high ring stiffness and crush resistance capacity, excellent corrosion resistance, high impact strength, abrasion resistance, among others.

TeleRex pipes are available in a wide variety of sizes which allows for numerous applications. The inner wall is designed to facilitate cable insertion and the use of the blow insertion method allows for excellent compatibility for optical fiber insertion.

Fields of application for TeleRex include:

  • Railways
  • Airport
  • State Electricity
  • Power Distribution
  • Public Works Departments
  • Telecom

Cables form an intrinsic part of all power and communication facilities in a property. Protection of these cables is crucial to maintain optimal performance and safety. To know more, please click here.

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